Big 3 Auto Company Partners with Key IP Translations to Streamline Patent Translations While Controlling Spend

The auto sector is no stranger to innovation. The process of introducing batteries to cars, improving fuel efficiency and with constancy improving safety features, the industry files thousands of patents in the US alone each year. With recent challenges in the auto sector, it is more important to have a strong portfolio to protect market share in the highly competitive auto landscape.

An essential part of future-proofing a business in the auto sector is international growth. Companies today must continue to grow – all while navigating a challenging market dealing with supply issues and increased environmental demands. Rapid growth related to IP is not new in this industry ‒ the number of annual U.S. filings for the auto sector continues to grow at a rapid clip.

The Challenge

Unpredictable Spending

In addition to the inconstant output and the high administrative burdens, the client faced unpredictable translation costs that often exceeded their annual budget. By using multiple vendors across dozens of countries, the cost of each translation could vary widely. Additionally, the constant need to work with new translators made budgeting for translation difficult.

The Solution

By working with Key IP, the company was able to streamline the patent translation process and create consistency in the cost of translation. Key IP developed an infrastructure that was implemented to tackle the company’s challenges. The company seamlessly integrated Key IP into their existing framework and all responsibility for translation quality, deadline compliance was handed off o the Key IP team.

The first step was to streamline the workflow from top to bottom. With more than 15 different law firms providing translation services, Key IP created one standardized quality control process for all law firms. The process relied heavily on state-of-art technology and best practices in the program management area. It simplified communication between teams and the automated portions of the process.

Next, Key IP addressed the transparency of the projects to control the spend on translations. At its core, this step involved a uniform rate structure for translation worldwide. It provided the client with clarity on what each project should cost up-front. By implementing better systems, Key IP also reduced costs by avoiding rush orders and missed deadlines.

Finally, Key IP focused carefully on seamless integration. While these changes were significant, they did not lead to unneeded delays or a drop in quality during the transition process.

The Results

The results of these efforts speak for themselves:
• Implementation of all changes within 45 days
• More than $170,000 in savings by eliminating duplicate invoicing and other cost savings
• Uniformity in translation terms and cost savings by utilizing TM
• An ongoing relationship with Key IP that accounts for more than 1,200 translations annually.
Key IP was able to leverage their knowledge and infrastructure to build a streamlined process that has been remarkably efficient for this client. Don’t hesitate to contact Key IP to discuss your patent translation needs.